Let’s Conquer our Fears!

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Often when we are starting something new, it brings a measure of fear and uncertainty. This is completely normal and allows us to make one of two choices. To change and face the fear and find the amazing things that lie on the other side, or continue to be ruled by this fear and stay in the safety of our comfort zone.

The great thing about comfort zones is that we can be successful and happy within them, but eventually we plateau and what then? Recently that happened to me. I was successful within my personal training business however I knew there was more I could do to really feel like I am making my work count, help my clients even more. But then that fear came in- the fear of no one liking my idea, of failing. Why put myself out there when no one may care?

It was in one of those moments that I realized something beautiful. That was all my fear talking- everyone I shared my idea with loved it, and every time I work with a client I find myself using mental skills and tools with them effortlessly. Thus MBody and the Mindset Reset was born! It may not be much yet- but if you face your fears with me, then we can accomplish great things!

So welcome to a new program, a new way of life and a new you!




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