21-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Fall is almost here, lets start the new season off right by doing a mental cleanse! This 21-day challenge starts on Monday September 1st and will encompass principles of mindfulness, shame, changing thoughts and self-talk, cultivating gratitude, and allowing yourself to be more present in the moment!
I created this challenge because this summer has been an intense season of change in my life. Basically everything started anew in May, and one thing I have been so focused on has been mindfulness. Making myself take silent moments in my day to breathe, clear out the negativity, and be grateful for everything that has fallen in my lap lately. It is amazing what a mental cleanse like that can do! So I am opening this up to my community of family, friends and those I have yet to meet!
What is it:
21-Day Challenge
21 days of learning how to be mindful and in control of your thoughts.
I will send each person who signs up daily emails, mantras, quotes, and breathing challenges every day- with the purpose of guiding you along your path to self peace.
Last day to sign up is Friday, August 30th! Simply send me your email and you are in!!!
Lets get to it!


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