Weekend Warriors

Do you ever feel like you are great at sticking to a routine during the week but as soon as the weekend rolls around you stray from working out and sticking to healthy eating? I know I do!

During the week it is easy to stick to a plan, especially if you have established workout routines such as certain classes you go to, a trainer or just an easily accessible gym that you frequent most days. It is also healthy to stick to a meal plan filled with healthy foods during the week. You can plan ahead on Sundays for breakfasts, lunches and dinners Monday-Friday to keep you feeling satisfied and on track. However it can be much harder to plan for the weekends!

Weekends involve more social commitments, going out to eat, and a less regular schedule to dictate when we eat or work out! I often only eat 2 meals and fewer snacks on the weekends due to running around doing errands or bigger meals such as brunches and dinners out.

Knowing that this is the case, carve out time to add fitness into your weekend schedule. Plan a hike/walk/ bike with friends, find a new class to try that you don’t have time for during the week, or do a quick at-home workout to get you feeling ready to tackle whatever the weekend brings! This may also be a great time to break out your yoga mat in order to de-stress from the week and really allow yourself some deep relaxation time to feel rejuvenated and fresh!

With weekend eating- when you are out be mindful of portion size as well as what else you plan on eating that day! Try and order meals that incorporate proteins, carbs, and fruits or vegetables so that you are still getting a well-balanced meal! In between brunch cocktails or dinner drinks, make sure you are drinking water to remain hydrated!

Enjoy your weekend and stay healthy!


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