Conquering Change

Change is an undeniable part of life. And yet it is the one thing that can derail us the most. We run from change because it often brings with it the unknown and untested. We cannot always be sure of ourselves in new situations and so we react in a negative fashion.
However there is something so beautiful about change. This is when we find out our strength, our passions, and who we truly are! So instead of running away from change, embrace it.
No matter what the change is, create a plan of action, take out the unknown by planning ahead.Part of the fear is the fact that it is often uncontrollable. Find an aspect that you can control, and breathe into it!

Before every change in your life, take a few minutes to breathe. As you breathe, embrace this change with every fiber of your being. Allow any of your thoughts around the change- both positive and negative to surface. Breathe each one out, without giving any weight to any of them. Once you are calm, begin to sift through these thoughts, paying attention to any negative or doubtful thoughts. Write these thoughts down, and when you have time, meditate on them. Why are they causing you doubt? And how can you become comfortable with them? What do you NEED to work through these thoughts as well as the change in a positive confident manner?

Remember every change is ultimately for the better, it is a part of your journey! Without it we cannot possibly grow to our fullest potential!


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