My Story

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life! Since I was little I was involved in some kind of a sport, but swimming and running won out as my top two sports.
Neither sport came necessarily easily to me, but the hard work I had to put in taught me a lot about resilience and using goals to push myself to be not only a better athlete but person as well!
The first time I realized this was my sophomore year of high school when I was cut from the championship swim team. I realized then that it was not just my physical skill that needed some work but my attitude as well. Cue hours spent in the pool and setting goals as well as using visualization techniques to help. The next two years all this work paid off as I not only made captain but was on both championship teams.
Ever since that experience, I have put a lot of merit on the mental aspect of sports and fitness. Working out is for me and many of my clients now, a therapeutic experience. It is a chance to get fully immersed in something that feels good and is good for both body and mind!
Later, when I was in college I realized that I wanted something other than the average desk job! I started to pursue psychology, and then in grad school Sport and Performance Psychology. After graduation, I moved to Nashville to pursue Sports Psych and that is where I found personal training! Becoming a trainer has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible, and I knew I could give more to the field as well as my clients than just my physical workouts.
After a year of just training, I am finally able to roll out MBody which is aimed at helping people embody their true selves through workouts, nutrition, and a healthy mindset towards both themselves and their wellness goals! I am very excited to start this journey and hope you are too!


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